During the summer of 2013, a colleague of Leah's was solicing knitters for her "Call for Shawls", an initiative she and her cancer-survivor friend began at a local Boston Hospital to knit shawls and hats to help keep people undergoing cancer treatment warm and wrapped in love.  

As many of you know, Rosemary was an avid knitter.  She always had her knitting needles with her, making a feather and fan blankets for a new baby on the way within our family or a grandchild within her wide group of friends.  I knew that my mom would be the first to donate her time to knit for this initiative, and although she had passed away the year prior, there was still a way she could contribute - through her yarn!  

My mom has an expansive collection of yarn, for all of those "someday" projects, so I sent several boxes of yarn to my colleague for the knitters to use.  Attached is the article written by my colleagues friend, one of the origniators of this kindness project, and her mention of mom and her yarn is heartwarming.  

Even in her absence, Rosemary continues to give.  Thanks to all of you, who also continue to give in her honor.
Below is our promotional video from 2016